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    EthnicNJ maps are a resource for anyone seeking to better understand New Jersey’s rich ethnic landscape.

    The EthnicNJ Food Map provides a unique picture of New Jersey communities through its restaurants.

    EthnicNJ's Demographic Maps illustrate the ancestry and countries of birth of New Jersey’s population, the most ethnically diverse state population (per capita) in the country.

    Each map displays demographic information for New Jersey’s 21 counties, for 570 individual towns, and for the state as a whole. EthnicNJ's demographic maps contain United States Census data from the the 2012 and 2014 American Community Surveys (ACS), which estimates population totals over a 5-year period.

    Download the EthnicNJ Maps Guide (PDF) for tips on using the demographic maps.

    Place of Birth

    One in five New Jersey residents was born outside the U.S. The Place of Birth Map illustrates the countries of birth of New Jersey's foreign-born population. There are 114 different countries (and 46 regions) listed in the Place of Birth drop-down menu.


    Use the Ancestry Map drop-down menu to select among 106 different ancestries, from Afghan to Yugoslavian. Ancestry in the Census refers to a person's self-reported "ethnic origin or descent, roots or heritage, place of birth, or place of parents' ancestors before their arrival in the United States." The ancestry list includes countries and geographies outside the United States (Belgian, European, West Indian), cultural designations (Arab), and ethnicities from within the United States (Pennsylvania German, Cajun). The Ancestry Map does not include Latin American (including Spain) or Asian ancestries, however, because the Census collects information about Hispanic and Asian populations separately under the category "Race and Hispanic Origin."

    The Hispanic and Asian Ancestry Map displays New Jersey's self-reported Hispanic and Asian populations. The Hispanic category includes residents who report ancestry from the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as from Spain. The Asian category includes residents who report any of 16 designated Asian backgrounds, from Asian Indian to Vietnamese.

    Data Notes These demographic maps do not present exact population data. The data collected by the Census is self-reported and suffers from confusing and/or questionable definitions and categorizations - of race versus ancestry, for example. Many people identify themselves in multiple categories, so estimates may exceed the total population. "2014" population totals are estimates for the period 2010-2014. "2012" population totals are estimates for the period 2008-2012. The margins of error for these estimates can be quite high, especially for geographies with small populations.

    Data from EthnicNJ maps should be cited as:

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