July 6, 2013
2323 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

July 6, 2013


Phở Sydney is the most spacious Vietnamese restaurant in Atlantic City, with diner-style booths and tables in a large dining room.

Shrimp in a Clay Pot (Tom Kho Tàu)

Shrimp in a Clay Pot (Tom Kho Tàu)

I did not sample the phở at Phở Sydney (perhaps a missed opportunity), but enjoyed sautéed shrimp in a clay pot (Tom Kho Tàu) with a sweet caramel-flavored sauce, over rice. The com thit nuong (rice with grilled pork) here is good, but the meat on top was not as flavorful as the “broken rice” version a few block away at Com Tấm Ninh Kiều. The menu is extensive and includes bánh mì .

Com Thit Nuong (Rice with Pork)

Com Thit Nuong (Rice with Pork)

My wife and I got adventurous with our beverage choices. Many Vietnamese restaurants serve “bubble tea,” a Taiwanese import. Sinh tô are the authentically Vietnamese fruit smoothies made with condensed milk, without the tapioca balls. We ordered two drinks we had seen on many Vietnamese menus – club soda with egg and condensed milk (Ly Soda Sữa Hot Gà) and green pennywort juice (Ly Rau Má). The former is essentially a Vietnamese egg cream, with a vanilla flavor. The latter tastes like sweet tea made from grass clippings – honestly, not as bad as it sounds.


Service is a bit laid back when the dining room is empty, but Pho Sydney is worth a visit.