January 13, 2015
8 Division Street
Somerville, NJ 08876
  • Cost: $
  • Credit Cards: All Major
  • Alcohol: None
  • Parking: Street, Metered
  • Take Out: Yes

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January 13, 2015


In downtown Somerville, Division Cafe is a colorful cafe with a menu of solidĀ Costa RicanĀ fare.

Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto

Division Cafe makes a very good Ā Gallo Pinto, the traditional Costa Rican breakfast of fried rice and black beans served with sweet plantains, fried white farmer’s cheese and an egg (fried or scrambled). The thick sour cream (natilla) is for dipping a tortilla, or for pouring it over everything. This Pinto is just as good as the version at Summit’sĀ Banderas, in my opinion.

Taco Tico @ Division Cafe - Somerville, NJ

“Taco Tico”

Try Arroz Cantonese for a Central American take on Chinese fried rice. Delicious, cheap yet hefty, savory empanadas are filled with beef, chicken, ham & cheese, spinach & cheese or beans & cheese. The menu includes a few wraps, a “Paraguayan Burger” (with ham and a fried egg), arroz con pollo,Ā bistec encebollado, tamalesĀ andĀ casadoĀ (literally, ā€œmarriedā€), the “married man”‘s meal of a grilled meatĀ with a fried egg, rice, beans, sweet plantains and white cheese.Ā Tacos Ticos hereĀ – deep fried corn masa-wrapped beef under shredded cabbage drizzled with ketchup and mayo – are a variation on the authentic Costa Rican version with deep fried corn tortilla-wrapped beef.

Empanada @ Division Cafe - Somerville, NJ


There areĀ tropical fruit shakes and traditional desserts likeĀ tres leches.

Arroz Cantonese

Arroz Cantonese

The Cafe is on the Division StreetĀ pedestrian mall in downtown Somerville, across from Origin Thai. Inside, there are less than ten tables in two vividly painted rooms; a few more outside in warm weather.

When I was growing up in Somerville, the bagel shop was new and interesting food-wise. Today, the ‘Ville is a New Jersey destination for its mix of restaurants serving not just Italian, but also Thai, Cuban, Filipino,Ā Jamaican, JapaneseĀ and Portuguese, among other global cuisines. Add Costa Rican to the menu.

Inside @ Division Cafe - Somerville, NJ

One Response to “Division Cafe”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great place for lunch. Empanadas are so good and the turkey with mango sandwich is seriously good and keeps me coming back.