February 4, 2018
1345 Palisade Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
  • Cost: $
  • Credit Cards: No
  • Alcohol: Wine/Beer
  • Parking: Private Lot
  • Take Out: Yes

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February 4, 2018


In a town better know these days as a Korean food destination, Hiram’s in Fort Lee, NJ might be serving the best hot dogs in the state.

Two of New Jersey’s most iconic roadside hot dog stands – Rutt’s Hut in Clifton and Fort Lee’s Hiram’s – opened in 1928 (a banner year in Jersey hot dog history). Visit either for a quintessential Jersey hot dog that has stood the test of time, lots of time. Both spots are known for deep frying their hot dogs and offer few comforts beyond a crowded counter and free toppings. That’s part of their charm of course. Hiram’s and Rutt’s both have divey bars attached to their hot dog counters, which gives them the distinct advantage of serving beer. Nothing better than a cold, cheap beer to wash down a cheap, delicious hot dog. You really can’t go wrong.

The dogs at Hiram’s are the same Thumann’s pork and beef blend specially made for deep frying served at Rutt’s, but a larger version than the “rippers” made famous in Clifton. Deep fat fried until the skin rips, served on a toasted bun, Hiram’s taste like hot dogs should – juicy meat inside, snappy skin outside, not too greasy. Help yourself to the red relish (my preference), green relish, or sauerkraut on the counter. Enjoy. The chili cheese dog is another worthy option, with chili slightly more substantial than the chili on the “Texas Weiners” at Libby’s Lunch in Paterson (another iconic spot, serving hot dogs since 1936). Hiram’s menu also includes burgers and fries if you’re so inclined.

Less than a mile from the George Washington Bridge, Hiram’s roadside stand is so small, you have to exit one door and enter another to walk the full length of the counter. One side is the bar, with a few tables and wood paneled walls. The other side is the food counter. You can order your hot dogs from either side. In warmer weather, there are picnic tables outside. Unlike Rutt’s Hut, which occupies an asphalt parking lot off of Route 3, Hiram’s offer something of a view. From the window on the food counter side facing Palisade Avenue you can see the high rise apartments across the street.


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