September 11, 2010
44 Route 10 West
East Hanover, NJ 07936

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September 11, 2010


Ended up at Mr. Chu when we failed to make a Friday night reservation elsewhere. At first, I didn’t think Mr. Chu would make our “Worth a Visit” list. The appetizers are below average – Wonton Soup – clearly not homemade wontons in a bland broth, and poorly cooked Scallion Pancake with Roast Pork. The service was OK, the dining room very loud (mainly because of a cackling laugher at the table next to us), and nothing all that unique on the menu. No chopsticks, or Asian customers for that matter, in sight. Not a good start. But then the main dishes turned out to be above average and interesting. Scallops with Black Peppers feature creamy scallops, fresh vegetables and an intense black pepper sauce. Chicken Soong is an excellent combination of finely diced chicken, mushrooms, jicama, bell pepper, and celery over crispy rice noodles served with lettuce leaves. The casual atmosphere in an old diner location on Route 10 and reasonable prices squeak Mr. Chu onto the list as a decent option for mainstream Cantonese food. Skip the appetizers.