August 24, 2011
10 Church Street
Montclair, NJ 07042
  • Take Out: Yes

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August 24, 2011



Guest review by James L. Baker (age 12)

“Petit Paris, or, for those of us who spent French class throwing erasers at the blackboard, ‘Little Paris,’ lives up to its name. It is a charming little internet café that serves some of the world’s most delicious (and least nutritious) food ever. The most emphasized thing there are the macarons, of which they serve 17 different variations, including rose, mango and basic. We bought several and set to work.

The macarons have a crispy wafer shell, a soft , puffy layering, and, no offense, a filling with the texture of soft Oreo cream. The flavor makes up for it, especially in the case of the raspberry macaron. The chocolate macaron is freaking delicious.

The other desserts are the kind of thing to put in a heart-shaped box (cough, her birthday is next month, flowers are overdone, cough) and to have with your triple espresso. The coffee éclair is really espresso and not at all sweet; the reviewer’s mother was a big fan.

Generally, the pastries are high quality and tasty. Plus, there was one 20-something guy actually speaking French into his Bluetooth. Now excuse me, I need to work on my eraser-throwing.”