March 15, 2017
8 Erie Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
  • Cost: $$$
  • Credit Cards: All Major
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • Parking: Street

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March 15, 2017


Visit Jersey City’s Talde for satisfying, “inauthentic” Asian-American mash-ups.

Short Rib Kare Kare

Dale Talde, a former Top Chef contestant from Chicago, is part owner of a burgeoning restaurant empire that includes “Talde” locations in Brooklyn and Miami. Talde Jersey City opened in 2014.

Yuzu Guacamole

I avoid pan-regional restaurants. Pan-Asian or pan-Latino, kitchens serving a little bit of everything usually fail to deliver the best food of any particular cuisine. Dale Talde escapes this trap with a menu of explicitly “inauthentic” Asian-American mash-ups. Talde, whose cookbook, Asian-American, is subtitled “Proudly Inauthentic Recipes from the Philippines to Brooklyn,” embraces and elevates inauthenticity by highlighting iconic Asian dishes and tweaking them with American flavors and flourishes. The global cuisines name checked on the Talde menu range from Japan to South Asia, from China to the Philippines.

The Talde food menu is organized on a single page as salads, robata, dim sum, noodles, entrees and sides. There are creative and tasty dishes worth trying in each category. The yuzu guacamole with Spanish ham served on crispy rice offers a new twist on “sushi pizza.” Shiitake mushroom robota, skewered and grilled over charcoal, was our favorite small plate. Strong flavors abound. Spicy chicken and char siu pork bao are excellent meaty bites in steamed Chinese buns. Wonton ramen, lobster tom kha, and Korean fried chicken, served with a spicy kimchi yogurt, all get strong reviews. Blue crab fried rice with jalapeño aioli is another winner. Order the Filipino Barbeque Pork for a hearty portion of lechón. The short rib kare kare, a buttery pile of beef and noodles with peanut sauce inspired by the traditional Filipino stew, is another reason to visit the restaurant.

Jersey City is known for an abundance of casual, “steam-table” Filipino restaurants further up Newark Avenue in the city’s “Little Manila” neighborhood. A couple blocks from the Grove Street Path station, Talde Jersey City occupies a sleek space, formerly a police station, with a roomy interior and a bustling full bar. Talde stands out and makes it onto the EthnicNJ map for reinterpreting Filipino dishes on its eclectic, “inauthentic” Asian-American menu.