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Outside @ Cafe Trinbago - Orange, NJThe food of Trinidad features Caribbean staples – fresh fish, grilled meats, fruits and vegetables –  in dishes shaped by a melange of South Asian, West African, Creole, European and Chinese flavors.

Roti Inside @ Trinibago Roti - Orange, NJHearty roti – tortilla-thin flaky wheat flatbread filled with spiced potatoes, chickpeas, and your choice of stewed vegetables or meats – are ubiquitous. Order “Buss up Shot,” because it resembles a “torn up shirt,” for strips of ripped up roti on the side.

Sign @ Trinibago Roti - Orange, NJPopular street snacks are “doubles” of yeast fried bread (bara) around curried chickpea and onion (channa) and pholourie (deep fried balls of split pea flour) dipped in tamarind sauce.

Pholourie @ Cafe Trinbago - Orange, NJTraditional dishes include macaroni pie; callaloo (stewed taro/dasheen leaves); pelau (simmered rice dishes); stewed chicken and oxtails; curried goat; and escoviche (battered fish).

Essex county is home to the most New Jersey residents hailing from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobabo, with significant communities living in Newark, East Orange and Orange. You’ll find the largest concentration of Trini food spots in these towns, but there are a number of popular Trinidadian restaurants on the EthnicNJ map across Central Jersey. Share your favorites spots below. We’ll add the most popular to the list, and to the map.


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  1. Brendan B says:

    New Trinidadian restaurant in Freehold,NJ:
    Caribbean Flavor
    8 Court St, Freehold, NJ 07728