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New Jersey is the perfect place to be if you love food and maps. My obsessive research whenever asked, “Where should we eat?”, and an instinctive reluctance to ask for directions, led to I scour the state and the web for the best restaurants, and map them by cuisine. Restaurants that make it onto the map are ones I’ve visited (and liked) or that get positive reviews from multiple sources. This is the food guide I’ve always wanted — the best food in Jersey, in one place, on one map, with links to the reviews I find helpful.

Since EthnicNJ launched in 2010, the site has become an indispensable tool for hungry Jersey food fans, mapping over 1100 restaurants serving more than sixty different cuisines. Thank you to everyone who has visited, contributed and commented, helping me find and mao New Jersey’s best food.

EthnicNJ, based in Maplewood (Essex County), explores New Jersey’s food landscape statewide – from Sussex to Cape May, from the Atlantic to the Delaware. There’s more delicious food in New Jersey than one person could ever find, let alone eat. Help EthnicNJ find the best food in the Garden State. If your favorites are not on the EthnicNJ map, e-mail me ( or share them in the cuisine comments.

All food is ethnic food at EthnicNJ. Every cuisine you’ll find in Jersey, from French to Filipino, from Burgers to Banh Mi, is shaped by history, culture and community. has become a trusted resource for exploring Jersey’s diverse communities. EthnicNJ’s growing database of restaurants and cuisines has led to posts and articles about the unique food and cultural geography of the Garden State.

We are all immigrants. One in five New Jersey residents was born outside the United States. (The rest of us are just a few generations away from our immigrant ancestors). EthnicNJ’s demographic maps illustrate the wide-ranging and deep ethnic roots of New Jersey’s population, where everyone’s family came from somewhere else.

EthnicNJ Policies is all about celebrating New Jersey cuisines and communities. I do not accept compensation, free meals, or anything else in exchange for restaurant listings or reviews on Paid advertising on the site is identified as “sponsored.” is not affiliated with any other website or organization. The opinions expressed on this website are my own, and if they’re not, the author is identified. User comments are moderated by me.

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