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It’s true what they say about Guinness. The closer to the St. James Gate Brewery you drink it, the better it tastes. The best pint of stout I’ve ever had was in a Dublin pub with sawdust on the floor, an American Western on the television, and an elderly pub patron speaking to me unintelligibly in what he believed to be “English.”

If you can’t get to Dublin, Jersey has plenty of Irish pubs that will gladly draw you a pint. My local Irish pub, Maplewood’s St. James Gate Publick House, pours a decent Guinness, and you can understand what most of its patrons are saying, at least early in the evening.

The best Irish spots also serve good food – Irish fare like Shepherd’s Pie, a traditional lamb stew, fish and chips, and a full Irish Breakfast with bacon rashers. Hard core Irish menus might feature colcannon, coddle or boxty. As far as I can tell, the Irish restaurant serving only food – no beer – doesn’t exist in Jersey. (Nor in Ireland, perhaps?)

These are some of the Irish pubs that get the most love in the Garden State. Don’t see your favorite? Share yours. I’ll add the most popular to the list, and to the map.

Irish descendants are the second largest ethnic population in New Jersey.


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  1. Meade says:

    Surprised no one mentioned Harrigan’s Pub in Sea Girt. They have quite a following. Very popular/good bar. Never had a bad meal. Great fish and chips/burgers.