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For many people, BBQ is the quintessential American ethnic food. Barbecue in the United States, of course, encompasses many fiercely regional styles, from Texas brisket to Kansas City burnt ends to North Carolina pulled pork.

New Jersey is not known as a barbecue destination. There are a growing number of Garden State BBQ spots that serve up some very good renditions of the classic American styles from the rest of the country. My favorite right now is Jersey City’s Hamilton Pork. Wildwood hosts the annual New Jersey State Barbecue Championship in July, and Atlantic City is now an official stop on the USA Barbecue Championship circuit, so maybe Jersey BBQ is on the upswing.

Despite the lack of a distinct Jersey BBQ style, barbecue is alive and well in our state’s ethnic communities. You will find some of the best barbecue at the Garden State’s Portuguese and Filipino restaurants, for example, or the truly unique Kimchi Smoke. The best spots for ethnic BBQ are included in EthnicNJ’s BBQ category.


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