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Ortega Taco Dinners were my Italian-American childhood introduction to “Mexican” food. Since then, I’ve sampled the wide range of Mexican cuisine as it exists in Mexico, from Yucatan’s cohinita pibil (marinated pork slow roasted in banana leaves) to Baja California’s fish tacos. I have learned that Mexican tacos are wrapped in soft, handmade corn tortillas, and can be filled with pork or lengua (beef tongue). The best chiles rellenos are coated in fried egg. Mexican hot chocolate, thick with a hint of chile, is not to be missed.

Our all-time favorite Jersey Mexican was a taqueria in Hoboken on First Street. Spectacular chiles rellenos, served with a red mole. Can’t find that place anymore. I think it closed. We have a few current favorites.

Authentic Mexican restaurants have sprouted all over the Garden State, with concentrations in South Jersey and Ocean and Monmouth Counties. More than 200,000 New Jersey residents claimed Mexican ancestry in the 2010 Census, the second largest Hispanic ethnic group after Puerto Rican. There are so many Mexican-American communities in New Jersey, I’m sure the best taco is at a local spot  we would never find on our own. Tell me your favorites. I’ll add the most popular to the list, and to the map.


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