That would be me, my wife and our kids.

I know New Jersey (born and raised) and I love good food, all kinds. I am the compulsive researcher and list-maker who always needs to know the “plan” and where we’re going to eat. I also love maps. So this site is what I’ve always wanted. One place to look for New Jersey’s best ethnic food, or at least the places we’ve found so far.

My wife is Costa Rican and the reason I speak Spanish. She shares my love of good food and restaurants, but not my need for research or planning. She will stop and ask for directions.

Our three kids (ages 11, 15 and 18) are adventurous and opinonated eaters. They are influential contributors to

As the site grows, we will likely ask friends and contributors, particularly fans of specific cuisines, to chime in.

Thanks for visiting!