May 16, 2012

Christopher Columbus Drive – Jersey City

There are spots in Jersey where the local food scene is so incredibly diverse it makes you appreciate living here even more. One of these Garden State ethnic food oases is Downtown Jersey City. Walk fifteen minutes in any direction from the Grove Street Path Station and you’ll see dozens of restaurants, which isn’t so unusual for a city of almost 250,000 people, but the number of different cuisines and quality of the food you can find certainly is. New Jersey’s second largest city has some well known ethnic neighborhoods, like Little India and Little Manila, but it also mixes everything up in a very Jersey way.  Looking for Middle Eastern shawarma, Dominican pernil (pork shoulder), Korean fried chicken, Vietnamese pho, Polish pierogi AND Caribbean jerk chicken in one place? Visit Downtown Jersey City. Here’s some of what I found in a five block loop last Saturday.

Ibby’s Falafel @ 303 Grove Street

El Sazon de Las Americas (Dominican) @ corner of Grove and Wayne St.

BonChon Chicken (Korean) @ 173 Newark Avenue

Saigon Cafe @ 188 Newark Avenue

Europa Polish Delicatessen @ 527 Jersey Avenue

Nicole’s Caribbean Restaurant @ 521 Jersey Avenue


Ibby’s Falafel
El Sazon de Las Americas
BonChon Chicken
Saigon Cafe
Europa Polish Delicatessen
Nicole’s Caribbean